Trade stock like Forex


In this graph, I tested a programmer’s indicator called “ADX and DI with SMA on this stock .

The crossover worked well by its default SMA value (10). Price actions showed it performed as a trend. Therefore, we apply Fibonacci Extension to see where we are looking to take profit.

When to buy ?
It really depends what investor you are: Aggressive or Prudent ?
You saw a simple triangle breakout in this graph that you may see many times in Forex . Dark cloud pattern on point 2 (blue), but surprisingly, the stock price didn’t fell under 40 EMA . It performed a reversal at point 4 (black) instead. You will also notify that point 4 was also lying on the top of the Fibonacci channel which gives some sort of support.
If you were a prudent trader, you would trade triangle breakout near point 3 (blue).
If you were an aggressive trader, you would trade the swing low near point 4 (black).

When to sell ?
Any Fibonacci Extensions levels. For this case, I expect $4.20.
If I sell it now, I have 17% in 4 days
I’d expect to sell it near $4.20, which gives me 27%

Watch the DI- value carefully in this indicator. DI- is near 10, it implicit the current stock price may reach an overbought level. Is this always true? Again, there are no indicators tell you stock price up or down 100% correct. We have to do a lot of mind read in order to understand the whole picture.

Source: StockSetups